PeriPedal is a software application created to improve your indoor cycling training experience. PeriPedal will keep you entertained, motivated, and improve the results you get from your training.

Industry Standard

Using industry standard ANT+™ sensors, PeriPedal displays your workout statistics so you always know where you are at.


PeriPedal keeps you entertained by integrating easily with local video files or Netflix streaming while you ride. You can even set it to automatically play and pause your content based on whether or not you are riding (based on cadence and/or power output) so you can hop off to grab more water without having to worry about hitting pause.


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PeriPedal gives you several structured workouts and training plans to choose from. PeriPedal workouts are designed to give you the highest amount of return for the amount of time put in. PeriPedal training plans are designed with specific training phases in mind and adjust in length and intensity accordingly. PeriPedal also allows you to create your own workouts or download workouts created by other PeriPedal users, giving you limitless options for workouts.

One Time Cost


Forget monthly payments! PeriPedal offers all features for a one time cost.

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