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Sweet Spot - Tempo

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:49 pm
by Burnt Toast
I'm a frequent reader of Slowtwitch and was reading through a tread about "indoor cycling training" and came across a post by Kevin Metcalfe where he is quoted as saying the following workout "This is the shit that kills. Do this 5 days a week and get out for longer rides on the weekend and you will crush dreams on the bike come spring." He was referring to a 2x20 tempo workout. I tried it and was not in shape enough to finish it so I modified the workout so I could progress up to the full workout.

2x10 min @ 85% FTP
2x12 min @ 85% FTP
2x15 min @ 85% FTP
2x18 min @ 85% FTP
2x20 min @ 85% FTP
2x25 min @ 85% FTP
2x30 min @ 85% FTP
3x15 min @ 85% FTP
3x20 min @ 85% FTP

Here they are: