Resistance Changing During Workout

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Resistance Changing During Workout

Postby Larsrocket » Wed May 25, 2016 5:14 pm

I have a Wahoo Kicker and a Road bike with a laptop using the Garmin ANT stick. The issue that I am having is the resistance changing during the workout. To explain a little further, when I am changing from one interval to another, especially later in the workout, the resistance gets harder. I am sending you a file for a workout from this week. The first 15 min interval all was well, but then after a 5 min slower spin rest block, the next interval I was down in my easiest gear and could barely turn the cranks. Usually when this happens I have to stop pedaling and let system reset for a second and then it is okay. I had to do that 3 times in order to finish the interval. On my first 15 min interval I was able to set a proper cadence and use the big ring and be at 90% of FTP, on the second interval I had to stay in the small ring and in an easy gear and it was more of a tempo cadence while still remaining at the same FTP. Any help you can provide would be huge. I have used the Spindown on my Wahoo app to calibrate as I can't seem to get the calibration screen to pop up on Peripedal. Also I would like to know more about the difference between the levels and ERG mode, not sure what the levels are and how to use them.
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