Upload to ridewithgps.com

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Upload to ridewithgps.com

Postby DaveR12 » Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:33 pm

Hi Adam,

I've been researching training videos and software programs to use with my Cyclops Fluid2 trainer and had narrowed it down to TrainerRoad when I discovered your software. I've now read everything I can find about PeriPedal and am now almost ready to start a trial of PeriPedal (my Ant+ stick will be here tomorrow). I also like your one price model instead of a subscription. I would rather pay an upgrade fee when major releases come out, rather than pay a monthly fee. Since you are actively adding good features to PeriPedal, I'm now heavily leaning your way.

My question/feature request: Would it be possible to add RideWithGPS.com to your list of sites you can upload data to? They have a lot of good features for tracking rides using GPS data and I think PeriPedal would compliment this nicely. They are just a couple of cycling guys rather than a large company, so I would imagine they would be open to cooperating with you. Sending data back and forth would be even better so that our rides/workouts can be seen on either site with PeriPedal focusing more on the workout data and RideWithGps focusing more on the route tracking, distance riding, with obvious overlap for HR, Cadence, Power, etc.(Maybe this would be incentive for RideWithGPS to clean up their UI instead of focusing on their Android app).

The above request will not factor into my decision to purchase Peripedal, you already allow me to export a .fit file that I can upload to RWGPS and I believe I can also load data into Peripedal (is that right?), it would just make it more convenient.

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Re: Upload to ridewithgps.com

Postby Adam » Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:10 am

Hi Dave,

I'm happy that you found PeriPedal, I hope your trial goes well!

As far as ridewithgps integration it's not something I'm going to add at this point, but I will re-consider in the future if there is more demand. This is actually the first I have heard of the service. I will check it out and see how I like it compared to other similar services. Thanks for the suggestion!

If anyone else would like this functionality leave a reply.
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