Sufferfest: Angels 2015, Nine Hammers, plus other updated

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Sufferfest: Angels 2015, Nine Hammers, plus other updated

Postby joth » Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:52 pm

I transcribed the new Angels 2015 and Nine Hammers videos into workout files. During the process I realized the ERG files from Ted Meisky have quite a different RPE -> Watts conversation than is recommended by the Sufferlandians so I modified the table (e.g. RPE of 7.5 is now 100% threshold, rather than 7) and re-exported all the workout files I created.
Rather than re-upload them all, here's the Google Drive link. It's an auto back-up of my PeriPedal install, so as create more they'll automatically appear in here too. ... sp=sharing

File list (as of 2014-12-21)
Sufferfest - A Very Dark Place 2014 (joth).xml
Sufferfest - Angels 2015 (joth).xml
Sufferfest - Downward Spiral (joth).xml
Sufferfest - Extra Shot- The Long Scream (joth).xml
Sufferfest - Hell Hath No Fury 2013 (joth).xml
Sufferfest - Nine Hammers (joth).xml

Source spreadsheet ... sp=sharing
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Re: Sufferfest: Angels 2015, Nine Hammers, plus other update

Postby Adam » Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:32 pm

Great work joth, thanks for sharing!
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