PeriPedal v1.4.3 is now available.  This version has the following changes:

  • Added next target Wattage to interval display.
  • Added Target Wattage percentage adjuster. When “Quick Settings” are open during a workout you will be able to change the target wattage from anywhere between 75% to 125%. Default is 100%. This will allow you to easily adjust the workout difficulty up or down depending on how you feel at the time without needing to adjust your FTP.
  • Removed auto .FIT file creation on opening of history file – unnecessary now that it is done after a workout.
  • Changed .csv output file type to .peripedal to void confusion with other .csv file types.
  • Fixed issue with keeping computer on for some users.

PeriPedal will prompt you to update within 24  hours.  If you want it now you can download it from here.