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PeriPedal is a software application created to improve your indoor cycling training experience. PeriPedal will keep you entertained, motivated, and improve the results you get from your training.

Industry Standard

Using industry standard ANT+™ sensors, PeriPedal displays your workout statistics so you always know where you are at.


PeriPedal keeps you entertained by integrating easily with local video files or Netflix streaming while you ride. You can even set it to automatically play and pause your content based on whether or not you are riding (based on cadence and/or power output) so you can hop off to grab more water without having to worry about hitting pause.


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PeriPedal gives you several structured workouts and training plans to choose from. PeriPedal workouts are designed to give you the highest amount of return for the amount of time put in. PeriPedal training plans are designed with specific training phases in mind and adjust in length and intensity accordingly. PeriPedal also allows you to create your own workouts or download workouts created by other PeriPedal users, giving you limitless options for workouts.

One Time Cost


Forget monthly payments! PeriPedal offers all features for a one time cost.

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“It is like having a power meter without spending $1,000+ on one.” – Keith

Live Training Statistics

Workout Screen

PeriPedal shows all of your information (power, heart rate, speed, cadence, etc.) live and on a chart making it easy to see your performance for the entire workout. Depending on your settings it can also display maximums, minimums, and averages.

Multiple User Support

Multiple Users

PeriPedal can support up to eight users at a time, making it easy to train with friends or a group of riders. Each user has a dedicated chart making it easy for each user to view their own information without getting it mixed up with another user’s.

Workout Library

Workout Library

PeriPedal comes with a large selection of structured workouts. Each workout is based on FTP allowing riders of various skill levels to perform the same workout at power levels appropriate for their fitness level.

Training Plans

Training Plans

PeriPedal comes with several training plans making it easy to pick the right workout for your training needs.

Create and Share Workouts

Workout Creator

PeriPedal includes a simple to use yet powerful workout creator. This allows you to create your own custom workouts for yourself or to share with others. To share your workouts or download others, visit our forum.

Video Integration

Media Integration

PeriPedal integrates directly with video from the web (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.) or your local machine to keep you entertained while you workout. The video is located in the same window as PeriPedal, making it easy to adjust the amount of screen you want dedicated to your video. Depending on the source (Netflix and local media) PeriPedal will automatically play and pause your media as you start and stop your workout.

Automatic Workout Play/Pause

Auto Play/Pause

PeriPedal can be setup to automatically play or pause your workout based on your cadence and/or power. This can be used for convenience, such as automatically pausing your workout (and video) when you get off to refill your water bottle, or as a motivator by setting it to pause your workout (and video) if you don’t meet a certain power requirement.

Calculated Power

Calculated Power

PeriPedal can calculate your power based on the power curve of your bike trainer giving you the benefits of a power meter without the cost. You can find a list of compatible trainers here.  PeriPedal can optionally transmit the calculated power over ANT+, allowing you to view the power on any capable ANT+ receiver.

Personal Records

Personal Records

PeriPedal keeps track of your highest power intervals of various lengths from each workout and lets you know when you set a new personal record.

Easy ANT+ Pairing

Easy ANT+ Pairing

Trying to pair your ANT+ devices in an area with multiple other ANT+ devices at the same time? No problem, PeriPedal will show you all available ANT+ devices of a particular type and allow you to select the one that is yours. Your paired device information is saved in your individual profile so you will only have to do it once.

Electronic Trainer Support

Electronic Trainer Support

PeriPedal is compatible with the Wahoo KICKR and CycleOps Power Beam Pro electronic trainers.  Using one of these trainers you can select your desired resistance or use ERG mode to have the trainer keep you at the right power level for each interval.

Automatic Workout Upload

PeriPedal can be configured to automatically upload your workout upon completion to SportTracks.  This keeps your accounts up to date with your latest workouts with no effort from you… except the ride.  Note: TrainingPeaks and Strava are no longer supported.

“The setup went extremely smooth and I’m addicted. Can’t wait for the next ride!” – Scott


    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 10
  •  heart-rate power bike-speed cadence speed-cadence
    • BlackBurn Fluid
      CycleOps Fluid 2
      CycleOps Mag R3
      CycleOps Mag R4
      CycleOps Mag R5
      CycleOps Magneto
      CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Easy (1)
      CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Interval (3)
      CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Mountain (4)
      CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Road (2)
      CycleTEK Momentum1
      Elite Arion
      Elite Crono Fluid Elastogel
      Elite Fluid Alu
      Elite Mag Speed Alu 1
      Elite Mag Speed Alu 2
      Elite Mag Speed Alu 3
      Elite Mag Speed Alu 4
      Elite Mag Speed Alu 5
      Elite Volare
      Elite Volare Mag Alu 1
      Elite Volare Mag Alu 2
      Elite Volare Mag Alu 3
      Elite Volare Mag Alu 4
      Elite Volare Mag Alu 5
      Force Fluid Trainer
      JetBlack Z1 Fluid Hydrogel
      Kreitler 4.5
      Kreitler 4.5, Flywheel
      Kreitler 4.5, Fork Stand
      Kreitler 4.5, Fork Stand, Flywheel
      Kurt Kinetic AC Pro
      Kurt Kinetic Cyclone
      Kurt Kinetic Road Machine
      Kurt Kinetic Standard Fluid
      Minoura B60 R1
      Minoura B60 R2
      Minoura B60 R3
      Minoura B60 R4
      Minoura B60 R5
      Minoura B60 RH
      Minoura B60 RL
      Nashbar Adjustable Fluid Trainer R1
      Nashbar Adjustable Fluid Trainer R2
      Nashbar Adjustable Fluid Trainer R3
      Nashbar Adjustable Fluid Trainer R4
      Nashbar Adjustable Fluid Trainer R5
      Nashbar Fluid Trainer
      Performance Travel Trac Century Fluid
      Spinervals Super Fluid 4.5
      Tacx Bushido 0% Slope
      Tacx Bushido 1% Slope
      Tacx Satori 1
      Tacx Satori 10
      Tacx Satori 2
      Tacx Satori 3
      Tacx Satori 4
      Tacx Satori 5
      Tacx Satori 6
      Tacx Satori 7
      Tacx Satori 8
      Tacx Satori 9
      Travel Trac Inertial Roller R2
      Travel Trac Mag+ R1
      Travel Trac Mag+ R2
      Travel Trac Mag+ R3
      Travel Trac Mag+ R4
      Travel Trac Mag+ R5

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    “All I can say is wow! This program is really good!” – Bob F.


    If you would like to purchase PeriPedal please contact

    “Thanks to my PeriPedal training, I managed to better my time from last year by 1 hour and 18 minutes, completing a hilly 105 miles in 6 hours and 53 minutes.” – Paul B.


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