SportTracks Auto-Upload Support

In PeriPedal v2.4.8 the ability to automatically upload your workout to SportTracks has been added.  Once you connect your profile to your SportTracks account your workouts will automatically be uploaded to SportTracks on workout completion. To set this up edit your user profile to connect it with SportTracks.  To do this, click on “Edit Profiles”, select your user, […]

PeriPedal v2.2.4

PeriPedal v2.2.4 is now available. This version has several new updates and bug fixes: Automatic Strava Upload This version of PeriPedal connects to Strava.  Connect your user profile to Strava under Edit Profiles.  Once connected the workouts that you choose to save will be automatically uploaded to Strava.  While you’re at it join PeriPedal’s Strava […]

PeriPedal v2.2.1

PeriPedal v2.2.1 is now available with some new features and bug fixes. Note that the format of Bike Profiles has changed, so before you start your workout you will need to check all of your Bike Profiles, possibly re-pair your sensors, and save the profile. PeriPedal will not allow you to start a workout until […]

PeriPedal v2.1.0

PeriPedal v2.1.0 is now available with several new features and bug fixes: Workout History Screen      A new workout history screen has been added to make viewing workout history simple.  All of  the past workouts for the selected user will be displayed and you can double-click on any workout to view the workout.  The […]

PeriPedal v2.0.0

PeriPedal v2.0.0 is now available.  The biggest change in this version is the removal of the previous 8 ANT+ channel limit.  PeriPedal is now using the ANT+ continuous scanning mode that allows a user to receive information from as many devices as they want.  It comes with the added benefit of finding your ANT+ devices […]

PeriPedal v1.7.0

We are very excited to release PeriPedal v1.7.0 today. This is a big update and delivers several new features: ANT+ Muscle Oxygen Sensor Profile Support This version of PeriPedal adds support for the ANT+ Muscle Oxygen Sensor (alpha) profile.  This will allow users of the Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor to display their saturated muscle oxygen […]

PeriPedal v1.6.0

A new release of PeriPedal is available.  This version has 2 new features. The first is two new training plans created by Infinity Triathlon.  One is a 6 week FTP booster plan and one is a 12 week Ironman training plan. The second feature is KICKR support!  PeriPedal can now control the Wahoo KICKR trainer.  […]

PeriPedal v1.5.0

PeriPedal v1.5.0 is now available with several new features: Added Training Plans to workout selection screen along with many new workouts. Added ability to search and sort workouts. Added power filtering options (none, 3 second, 5 second) Added ability to end a workout without saving. Added ability to auto-upload completed workouts to user’s TrainingPeaks account. […]

PeriPedal v1.4.4

PeriPedal v1.4.4 is now available.  This version has the following changes: Made Edit Profiles screen more user friendly, particularly for first time users. Added CyclOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer power curves. Minor Bug Fixes. PeriPedal will prompt you to update within 24  hours.  If you want it now you can download it from here.

PeriPedal v1.4.3

PeriPedal v1.4.3 is now available.  This version has the following changes: Added next target Wattage to interval display. Added Target Wattage percentage adjuster. When “Quick Settings” are open during a workout you will be able to change the target wattage from anywhere between 75% to 125%. Default is 100%. This will allow you to easily adjust […]