A new release of PeriPedal is available.  This version has 2 new features.

The first is two new training plans created by Infinity Triathlon.  One is a 6 week FTP booster plan and one is a 12 week Ironman training plan.

The second feature is KICKR support!  PeriPedal can now control the Wahoo KICKR trainer.  This control is done over ANT+ and allows you to perform a workout with the KICKR in ERG mode and perform spindown calibration.

To get your KICKR working with PeriPedal first update your KICKR to the latest firmware.  Then create a bike profile where you choose “Wahoo KICKR (ANT+)” as the source for speed and/or power.  Having it selected for either one will enable ERG control.  This allows you to use your existing power meter for your power data if you want, but still get the KICKR ERG control.

Download the latest PeriPedal from here.