PeriPedal v1.2.0 is now available.  This version has the following updates:

  • Improved workout selection screen including workout thumbnail images.
  • After an FTP Test users will be prompted with their new FTP value and given the option of updating their profile automatically.
  • Fixed issues with some trainer power curves.
  • Minor usability changes.
  • Added a few new workouts.
  • Added Settings screen on main page that allows users to configure several options:
    • Change appearance to either a Light or Dark theme. (default Dark)
    • Change appearance to one of several accent color choices. (default Blue)
    • Adjust size of HUD font on workout screen between small, medium, and large.  (default small)
    • Adjust the rate that the workout chart updates.  Update rate can be set between 1 and 5 seconds.  A larger update rate will result in lower CPU usage and smoother lines (the data is averaged over the time period) but slower updates to the chart. (default 1 second)
    • Ability to turn on or off displaying every heart beat on the workout chart. (default off)
    • Adjust the amount of smoothing done when a past workout is displayed from the History button.  Smoothing is adjustable between 0 (no smoothing) and 120 seconds.  (default 5 seconds)

PeriPedal will prompt you to update within 24  hours.  If you want it now you can download it from here.